Face Crop Jet 1.2: Face Crop Jet Detects and Crops Faces from Photos

Face Crop Jet 1.2

Face Crop Jet is a Bulk Face Detection and Cropping Tool.The software is designed to simplify the process of Creating ID Card Photos for purposes like School Identity Card,Hiring Process etc.Face Crop Jet uses Artificial Intelligence to detect a Face from a Photo and Crop out the required portion for ID Cards.The cropped out Portion,will include the Head portion as well.

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FaceDub 2.30: Easily put a face on any body using any photo or ready made template!

FaceDub 2.30

FaceDub, you can publish it to the FaceDub.com website and share it with your friends. The best news is that FaceDub is so easy to use. Its user friendly interface makes good looking face swaps a no brainer. FaceDub`s tools are simple yet extraordinarily powerful. The FaceDub BrushMagic tool airbrushes away any hard edges and seams so that the face truly looks like a part of the body. The Face Targeting feature allows you to position the face in

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FaceSwapper 1.0

faces. Just click on a face in the source and destination pictures, and FaceSwapper will detect and select both faces completely automatically. Jagged edges? What jagged edges? The selection tool takes care of the original and target backgrounds automatically to seamlessly blend the new face with the background. If the target has different colors or a different gamma, FaceSwapper will automatically adjust the colors and brightness of the face to

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Luxand FaceSDK 4.0: Multi-platform face recognition and identification SDK

Luxand FaceSDK 4.0

FaceSDK is a multi-platform library that enables Microsoft Visual C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, and Delphi developers to build a variety of applications requiring fast and precise face recognition and identification. Working in 32-bit and 64-bit systems, FaceSDK supports web, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh applications, and enables still image and real-time face-based biometric authentication.

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Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe 5.3.1: Create fantastic face morph or face composite in real time with ease and fun

Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe 5.3.1

Face Extractor, Face Locator and Face Mixer, were added to the Deluxe edition. With these intelligent, powerful and novel tools, creating face morph or face composite from multiple images has never been easier and faster! With Face Extractor, the program can automatically extract the face portion from an image. With Face Locator, the program can now automatically detect the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) and place key dots on appropriate

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Freakstein 1.00: Make weird arrangements of the main features of your friend`s face for fun.

Freakstein 1.00

faces and arrange them in weird images! Do you want to see the face of your son? Take the face of your girl/boyfriend and compose it with yours! With Freakstein you can take pieces of any face and mix them up, the result will be MONSTROUS! Freakstein allows to arrange all the faces that you want: define the main features of the face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), choose the parts of the face that you want to insert and Freakstein will automatically compose

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Face Off Max Create funny photos by moving any face to any body and share with your friends.

Face Off Max

Face Off Max, you can easily display your masterpiece in everywhere you want to keep in touch with your friends: Facebook, Myspace, blog, email and etc. And it works even easier with Facebook. Without logging in via browser, you can have your photos uploaded directly to Facebook. It would be great to post a photo on your Facebook wall with you dancing with Natalie Portman or with your friends becoming a zombie. You can even enlarge the fun by adding

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NVeiler Video Filter Trial 1.0: Plug-in for VirtualDub that detects and hides faces or chosen objects in video

NVeiler Video Filter Trial 1.0

Plug-in for VirtualDub that hides faces or objects in videos. Automatic face detection with configurable parameters, all detected faces will be pixelized. Manual selection to obscure face regions or non-face objects (logos, car license plates etc.). Automatic tracking - each detected face or selected object will be tracked and obscured in subsequent frames untill it will disappear. Trial requires constant Internet connection during evaluation.

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Facebook 4 Mac 3.0: Access facebook without a web browser with this mac app made just for facebook

Facebook 4 Mac 3.0

Access facebook without a web browser with this mac app made just for facebook. Quickly access your friends, your messages and chat. Also includes Google custom search for facebook and Face Books by Amazon. Facebook power users will find this app very useful since it remembers your window size and location and it wont crash even if your browser does.

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ID Photo Maker 3.2: Powerful and easy Standard ID photo, passport photo, visa photo making software.

ID Photo Maker 3.2

face, detailed video tutorials, comprehensive help-files and prompt hint. ID Photo Maker will help you making standard ID photos in minutes! Standard ID photo style: Include variety of ID photo styles are set in accordance with the standard . Powerful image processing: Include various image processing functions, including brightness adjust, grayscale, change backcolor, gamma adjust, contrast adjust etc. Professional cropping function: The cropping

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